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Traffic flow on networks: theory, numerics and applications, ode and pde models, multiscale models, models coupling, vehicular traffic, mobile sensors data, supply chains, data networks, irrigation channels, pedestrian flows, flocks dynamics.

Partial Differential Equations

Hyperbolic systems of conservation laws (Cauchy problem, nonclassical shocks), hyperbolic-elliptic systems, elastodynamics, pde methods for signal analysis.

Control Systems

Controlled systems, differential inclusions, discontinuous ODEs, optimal control, optimal syntheses, hybrid systems, quantized systems, cooperative controls, stochastic control, stochastic algorithms, mechanical, automotive and robotics applications.

Systems Biology

Applications of optimal control to biological systems, bio-mechanical systems, swing and ski models, animal groups, HIV infections, cancer immuno-therapies.

Mathematical finance

Public Debt management, interest rate models.