A theory of conservation laws on complex networks was developed and applied in different domains as: vehicular traffic, data networks, irrigation channels, blood flow, vascular stents and supply chains.

The mathematical framework consists in conservation laws (or systems of conservation laws) on a network, modelled as a topological graph. The dynamics on arcs is thus determined while that on nodes needs to be defined. The only conservation through the node is not sufficient to determine a unique solution, thus various additional rules were considered, depending on the physics of the system under consideration.

The theory was developed proving existence of weak entropic solutions on complex networks using a wave-front tracking algorithm and innovative variation estimates. It is interesting to notice that Lipschitz continuous dependence from initial conditions holds only for some type of dynamics at nodes. This result was obtained using a generalized Finsler structure on L1.

Numerical methods were developed to reconstruct solutions on complex networks using Godunov schemes, Kinetic Schemes, Discontinuous Galerkin,  Ad-hoc schemes

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